the Statistics Add-In for Microsoft® Excel

Current Support Issues

1) New WinSTAT Version 2012.1

We are now marketing Version 2012.1, which is a macro-free version of WinSTAT, and which also runs under all versions of Excel (Office) 2007 and Excel (Office) 2010, both 32 and 64 bit.

If you have recently ordered WinSTAT, it may be that you received a license for the new version, but still have the previous demo version installed. In this case, the serial number you received will not work. Please install the current demo version. You will see both menu bars next to each other. Once the current demo version is installed, the serial number may be used to activate it.

2) What to do with the old results tables?

If you have already used the old version, you will see both menu bars next to each other. Results tables which were created with the old version contain WinSTAT-macros. The new version works without macros. So, if you have such old files, it makes sense to save them using "Save as", specifying an Excel workbook (*.xlsx, without macros!). After that, you may delete the files containing macros. Once finished with this "cleanup", you may uninstall your previous version of WinSTAT and work exclusively with the new one.